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Webinar Thursday 6th August – What Price Privacy?

Data privacy has been a hot topic for some time, and it’s unlikely to leave the spotlight now, as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and governments around the world look to implement tracking mechanisms to control the spread of Covid 19.

We launched research earlier this year, to understand consumers’ attitudes to share different types of personal data, the trade-offs they’re prepared to make and to explore how different market sectors and brands fare in terms of trustworthiness. We researched a nationally representative sample of 1000 people via an online survey, and the results provide interesting learnings.

We’re running a webinar on Thursday 6th August at 11.00 am when we’ll be presenting our findings. Clients from a range of market sectors who have seen the presentation so far have certainly found it thought-provoking.

The results provide useful insights and answers to such questions as:

  • How much do consumers understand about what personal data they’re sharing and how willing are they to share it?
  • What specific areas of personal data are considered sacrosanct, and which areas are less fraught?
  • Are there incentives that will encourage consumers to share more of their personal data, and which are the most motivating?
  • From financial services to travel companies, from grocery retail to energy suppliers – which sectors inspire most trust and confidence around personal information?

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