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What we do

Behavioural change

A great deal of our work involves exploring the drivers for behavioural change, ranging from an increased take up of electric vehicles through to supplier switching in the energy market. Much of this work looks at what the appropriate ‘nudges’ would be to affect change and the team is very familiar with the options that Behavioural Economics methodologies can provide.


We have a number of innovative methodologies to uncover consumers’ perceptions of your brand – its strengths and weaknesses – as well as projective and deep-dive techniques to understand its potential. We will create a tailored programme of the most relevant and effective techniques to ensure that we deliver the insights you require and answer the key questions you need to know to grow your brand.

Customer Journeys

Customer journeys are not necessarily the rational path from A to B that many journey maps suggest they are. Every journey is made up of a series of potential opportunities to influence the customer experience, for good or ill. We create well-designed, integrated research programmes that can capture and identify these key moments and quantify the impact that these have on customer satisfaction and purchase.

Interactive communities

Understanding your customers is key to ensuring your products and services meet their needs, and in identifying opportunities for growth. We work in collaboration with you to develop bespoke customer communities, to provide you with key insights into who your different consumers are, their attitudes and behaviours. Whatever your objectives, a community provides a cost-effective means to understand customers better and to make the right business decisions.


From idea generation to pricing and market sizing, we provide the quality of information needed to innovate with confidence. Whether you’re looking to identify growth areas for your product range, evaluate the potential of new product or service ideas or to discover how far into different categories your brand can possibly stretch, we will design a research programme with the most appropriate techniques to provide clear direction for your decision-making.


The important thing about any segmentation work is that you should be able to implement the results easily. So whether we’re segmenting by demographics, attitude or needs (or a combination of all of these) we design research that will uncover the key drivers that will enable you to communicate more effectively, develop the most relevant services or products or focus on those segments that represent the best opportunity to grow your business. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, we ensure that our segmentation work is both insightful and robust.


Whether you’re tracking brand health, the performance of marketing campaigns or customer satisfaction, tracking is an essential tool in any marketer’s armoury – you know it’s important to monitor your brand so that you can stay in step with your competitors. We start with your overall objectives and aspirations and create tracking solutions that are aligned to these – designing questionnaires that focus on the answers that will best help guide you on your journey to achieving them.

Trade-off Analysis

We’re the market leader in the use of the stated preference technique, a sophisticated form of conjoint analysis. This robust technique allows us to determine the key factors in the choice between competing products or services - to prioritise the various elements of an offer, attribute monetary value to each and to predict the effect of different changes on customer choice. We’ve used this technique highly successfully for many clients to help them shape their business strategies; enabling them to shape their pricing plans, minimise customer churn and develop new products and services which will have the greatest value for customers.