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The EV transition is inevitable

A new study that Accent & Element Energy recently carried out on behalf of The Platform for Electromobility* shows that electric vehicles will become the most demanded powertrain across Europe by 2025.

In this study, over two-third of European consumers indicated that they own, or have thought about buying, an electric vehicle. The study also showed that consumers will reject cars running on e-fuels in favour of electric vehicles.

The uptake of electric vehicles needs to be supported by a charging network

The study indicated that upfront cost was identified as the most important factor in consumer purchase decisions, and not access to charging station. However, while access to charging is not a barrier to electric vehicles demand, if the implementation of public charge points does not keep pace, the move to electromobility could be challenged.

“The shift to electric vehicles is happening faster than industry and legislators expected. We all need to respond appropriately to ensure we meet the demands of consumers. It is our common responsibility to ensure that everyone in Europe, wherever they live, can switch to electric vehicles as early as they want.”

Amélie Pans, the new chair of the Platform for Electromobility


Read the full report here.


*The Platform for Electromobility – representing more than 45 organisations from industry, civil society and cities, and across all transport modes. The study surveyed 14,000 new car buyers across Europe.