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How Mystery Shopping Can Help Keep Your Customers Safe and Protect Your Brand

Webinar Thursday 26th November

It’s never been more important to ensure that you’re delivering a customer experience that makes your users feel safe, secure and valued. And, of course, this is equally critical whether a company is interacting with their customers face to face, via call centres or online.

Mystery Shopping (in all its different guises) can be an essential tool in your armoury – whether you’re a retailer, a train operator, a financial services company or a utilities provider. Checking that your Covid customer service strategy is being executed well at an operational level (and making any subsequent adjustments) will keep your customers reassured now and means you’ll retain a loyal customer base when things finally return to normality.

Accent has teamed up with Mystery Shoppers Ltd. for a webinar that will explore the benefits of Mystery Shopping as well as sharing findings from a “hot from the press” survey we’re running this month during lockdown and in which we’re exploring:

The differences between consumer expectations and reality.
How sympathetic or forgiving customers are to the difficulties being experienced by businesses.
The potential ramifications of any negative experiences for brand loyalty.
As well as the survey results, we’ll also be talking about the ways in which Mystery Shopping can deliver useful insights across many different areas of your operation and how simply launching a Mystery Shopping exercise can vastly improve performance. And we’ll be demonstrating how the system we use can deliver instant feedback at an operational level so that any problems can be resolved swiftly.

The webinar will start at 10.00 am on Thursday 26th November. Speakers will be Debbie Shuttlewood, Head of Account Management at Accent and Sophie Grafton, MD of Mystery Shoppers Ltd. We hope you’ll join us – we expect the session to last about an hour.

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