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Consumer purchasing behaviour in the UK smartphone market for the CMA’s Mobile Ecosystems Market Study

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched a market study on concerns that Apple and Google have too much control over operating systems (iOS and Android), app stores (App Store and Play Store), and web browsers (Safari and Chrome) that together form their ‘ecosystems’- which may impact consumers’ decision when it comes to obtaining a new device.

This research was commissioned to develop a more in-depth understanding of smartphone user purchasing behaviour in the UK smartphone market, with a particular focus on switching behaviour across smartphone brand/operating systems.

We delivered a large-scale quantitative survey collecting data from over 2,244 users supported by depth interviews with marginal users (those who considered switching operating system but didn’t). The quantitative methodology involved recruiting research participants via SMS message sent to a smartphone device following a Random Digit Dial (RDD) approach.

Our study revealed that the main factors in the decision to purchase a new smartphone were brand and screen size and quality, followed by overall price, camera, and battery life.

For those who considered switching, brand and compatibility with other devices was significantly less important than for those who didn’t, and screen size and quality was significantly more important than for those who didn’t.

For the full results, please read our report here.