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Encouraging the uptake of home low-carbon and energy efficiency technologies


In June 2019 the UK committed to a legally binding target to bring greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. A central challenge to achieving the net zero target is the decarbonisation of heat. Steps have started to be put in place to enable this from a policy standpoint – including the ‘Future Homes Standard’ and an end to gas heating in new homes from 2025 – but for this to be effective it will need to be hand in hand with education, information and support to allow consumers to play their part.

Citizens Advice commissioned research to better understand what consumers need in terms of support and engagement from a government strategy intended to encourage the uptake of home low-carbon and energy efficiency technologies.


Accent conducted a multi-phased program of research including desk research and primary qualitative research which consisted of in-depth one-on-one interviews to understand consumer expectations, interest in low carbon improvements and co-creation of support mechanisms to facilitate greater uptake. The research explored the viewpoints, barriers, and motivations of those who had already adopted a range of new home energy technologies as well as those who had yet to engage.


The research found that despite some awareness of the importance of the ‘Climate Crisis’, most consumers didn’t engage with the details of the environmental debate and lacked baseline knowledge of home low-carbon and energy efficiency technologies. Home improvements were primarily driven by financial considerations.

The research concluded that consumers should receive more consistent information and support across all phases of their customer journeys as well as a need to see visible government endorsement and action on the issue.