Accent is the leading research agency for water research in the UK. We have extensive experience of Price Review research (PR99, PR04, PR09, PR14, PR19 as well as SR15) which we have conducted for water and water/waste companies across the UK. In addition we carry out many other types of research in the water sector.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Willingness to Pay Qualitative Research
  • Main Willingness to Pay
  • Second Stage Willingness to Pay
  • Triangulation Testing
  • Outcome Delivery Incentive
  • SDS Testing
  • Acceptability Testing of Business Plans
  • Online Panels
  • School Workshops
  • Social Tariffs
  • Peer Reviews
  • Water Resource Planning
  • SIM Replica Studies
  • Stakeholder Research/Workshops
  • Consumer Challenge Group Workshops
  • Environmental Issues
  • Customer Service Propositions
  • Overview Papers
  • Customer Satisfaction Trackers
  • Market Reform Research
  • Universal Metering Research
  • Debt Research
  • Billing Research
  • Web Development

For more information contact any of the following:
Rob Sheldon, Managing Director
Rachel Risely, Director
Matt Evans, Research Director