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Privacy Watch – An Annual Syndicated Survey

Privacy Watch is an annual syndicated study into attitudes towards data privacy and the trade-offs consumers are prepared to make to share their personal information. Who do they trust? What are their expectations around data privacy? What types of data are most closely guarded? What reassurance are consumers looking for from companies? How has Covid 19 affected people’s thinking around sharing their personal information? The results from this research will provide useful insight to allow you to hone your data strategy and communications to reflect consumers’ appetite for sharing their data.


Data privacy has been in the spotlight since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018; sensitivities have since been heightened by a series of well-publicised data breaches, and the ongoing issues with the NHS track and trace app means that data privacy is likely to remain a talking point for some time.  Our first project in this area has been very successful at garnering interest with a range of clients in different market sectors, and our findings showed that for many consumers their rights are not clear, and the whole area is confusing – which is having an impact on their propensity to share key information. Discussions with clients suggest that there is definitely an appetite for further insight in this area. Hence our decision to launch an annual syndicated study to monitor and explore attitudes and behaviours around sharing data and personal information.

Methodology and costs

Once a year…

  • An online survey amongst a nationally representative sample of 1000+ consumers
  • 10 in depth qualitative interviews

Participating companies would have visibility of all research materials ahead of fieldwork.

Cost to participate £6,000 +VAT

Members would receive

  • Executive summary and PowerPoint report of the findings
  • Unlimited access to the data tool

Optional extras at an additional cost

  • Potential to include three bespoke questions.
  • Upweighted sample – such as geographic, demographic or customer base.
  • Face to face presentation of findings.
  • Further “dips” across the year should there be significant data breaches and subsequent disruption that may hit the headlines and that might adversely affect consumers’ willingness to share their data.

Timings and logistics

We require a minimum of six participating companies for this project to become viable and are looking for companies to indicate their interest by the end of August. Our plan is to use September to agree the questionnaire and any bespoke options required so that we can be in the field in early October. Final report would be ready in early November.

For more information and/or to register your interest, please contact or