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New research on how consumers are feeling about companies’ lockdown response

How Well Do Customers Feel Companies Are Adapting to Covid? New Research from Second Lockdown

This month, Accent has teamed up with Mystery Shoppers Ltd to run a survey during our second lockdown – new research to understand attitudes towards customer experience and to evaluate expectations in these testing times. We contacted 840 consumers online from 9th to 22nd November – here are a few key findings from the research.

40% in our survey said they have either used a company less, been more cautious about using a company or have moved to a competitor as a result of the way an organisation has handled the pandemic.

“I used a very well-known brand but have changed to another supplier because the customer service was really awful and they could not get anything right, it went on for months and months and was pretty upsetting for us.”

While 36% understand why the pandemic is being used as a reason for poor service delivery, 43% feel quite frustrated or angry.

“I feel that some businesses may use this as an excuse. I’m particularly thinking about customer service calls and emails, where there are long delays or emails are no longer answered at all.”

Whilst 90% of those surveyed said they have sympathy for businesses and the struggles they’re facing, only 25% say they have revised down their expectations on customer service.

“Covid 19 should not be used as an excuse to lower expectations. In truth, I would hope that a high level of service was a priority whatever the circumstances.”

Two-thirds feel that companies have adapted quite well to the changes but there are still improvements that could be made.

“Some companies have managed to reinvent themselves for the better.”

37% say a positive experience has changed their opinion of a brand, so this can be viewed as an opportunity to cement customer relationships.

“I can think of one brand in particular that is trying to maintain standards and that’s good to see.”

For 40% a poor experience hasn’t impacted their opinion of a brand they use often, but for 28% it has.

“I’ve switched suppliers and used someone I wouldn’t have even considered before.”

If you’d be interested in seeing more findings from this new research, or would like to discuss the benefits of Mystery Shopping and how we might develop a programme to understand how your customers are feeling about your Covid response, please contact or