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Inside the Mind of the Post-Covid Traveller

Webinar – Thursday 9th July at 2.00pm

The legacy of COVID-19 brings passenger transport operators the greatest challenge they have ever faced, and the key to recovery lies in understanding new passenger behaviours.

We’ve teamed up with L.E.K. Consulting to present new consumer research that leverages behavioural science to provide insight into the mindset of the post-COVID traveller. Join us on Thursday 9th July at 2.00pm to address the most pressing questions for transport operators and investors:

  • How has COVID-19 affected preferences and the considerations behind travel decisions?
  • What do people really think of digital alternatives to travel and how sticky will these alternatives be post-COVID?
  • How can transport businesses forecast demand given changes in traveller behaviour?
  • What are the strategic impacts of the emerging trends?

The webinar will be led by our MD Rob Sheldon and Head of Client Services Debbie Shuttlewood and Andrew Allum and Becrom Basu from L.E.K.

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