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Behavioural Economics: its promises and pitfalls in market research

The beginning of the 21st Century has seen behavioural economics rising to prominence, thanks to high-profile academics such as Nobel Prize Laureate Daniel Kahneman and the subsequent adoption of behavioural economics-inspired ideas in public policy. The offshoot of a marriage between economics and psychology, it has certainly proven to be a popular one. So much […]

Computer says yes..

Need to buy something without too much hassle? An online market place, let’s say Amazon for the sake of argument (but others are available) is the answer for many of us. There is very little that you can’t buy on Amazon these days. At the click of a mouse you can purchase bikes, beds, jewellery, […]

How to get the most out of working with market research agencies: tips for academic researchers in the health and social sciences

A market research agency can help academic researchers recruit and collect data from research participants. This guide gives researchers in the health and social sciences advice on how to get the most out of market research services. At Accent, a considerable proportion of our clients are academic researchers who have outsourced their data collection or […]

Transformation Health Check – An operator perspective on how new post office models are affecting consumers

The post office network is undergoing the biggest restructuring programme in its history, with the aim of maintaining its size and financial viability. The majority of the UK’s 11,500 branches are being converted to new models alongside other retail facilities. Citizens Advice commissioned Accent to undertake research to help understand how this change is affecting […]

What’s in a name?

At Accent we do a lot of work in the financial services industry and, in particular, automotive financial services, looking at customer journeys and experiences with car finance and car finance providers. Our work tends to concentrate on the mainstream consumer and business car finance agreements such as PCP (Personal Contract Purchase or Plan, or […]

Brexit means…

It seems that Amber Rudd’s suggestion that companies be made to disclose how many foreign workers they employ isn’t going to come to anything. We’re not going to be named and shamed after all. I’m not sure that the government was really interested in a company our size anyway. But I’m quite happy to reveal […]

Sustainability Leaders Awards 2015 Call for entries!

Sustainability Leaders Awards 2015 Call for entries! With 13 categories that cover all aspects of sustainability, plus full RSA accreditation, edie’s Sustainability Leaders Awards have been giving organisations large and small the opportunity to get the recognition they deserve for 8 years. 2015 is no different and with six brand new categories such as Employee […]

The increasingly robust UK economy

The UK economic news just keeps getting better and better. GDP expanded robustly in Q1, and stood over 3% higher than a year previously. And all the indications are that Q2 has got off to a stellar start. Increasingly buoyant business surveys indicate that UK companies are seeing continued gains in sales and profits. Furthermore, […]

Should Scotland be an independent country?

One of the most important questions in a generation. Should Scotland be an independent country? Do the Scottish people think independence will be a journey to a new and fulfilled existence or a path to Scotland’s demise? Scotland, in many ways is already an independent country. On the 18th September 2014, however, Scotland could be […]

Cuts or no cuts, that is the question. Or is it?

Since the economic crisis peaked in 2007/8, talk on all sides in Westminster has been about cutting the deficit and government spending. And under the current Government, spending cuts have indeed accelerated and, nearly 4 years in, its supporters would say the economic strategy has been the right one. Why? Because GDP is growing, unemployment […]

Buoyant UK economic growth set to persist

With UK economic momentum having revived strongly since last spring, there’s good reason to expect a robust pace of expansion to be maintained throughout 2014 and, quite probably, during 2015 and beyond. Companies are in good shape, with rising profits and healthy balance sheets while, crucially, each and every business survey suggests that corporate “animal […]

Do We Really Want To Ban UK Spy Cars?

Fact: No one likes getting a parking ticket! But should we ban the use of mobile ‘Spy Cars’ which capture people who have parked illegally as critics of these vehicles have proposed? Speaking about the ban, Eric Pickles, communities Secretary said he wanted to “rein in over-zealous and unfair rules”, and that traffic wardens with […]